Friday, May 31, 2013

Crocus Flowers Completed

Hello again!!!
Well I finally had time to work on my crocus project today, (I love having a three day weekend from work) and I finished my FIVE pails of Crocus for my stamp club meeting.
If you remember on my last post, I found a website with directions on how to make flowers out of punches, and started to make some Crocus flowers.  I needed to make 18 flowers total, enough for all my stamp club ladies and one for me.  My first ones weren't the best, but then when is the first of anything we do our best effort???  I always need to make something at least once, to figure out what I'm doing, and see if there is an easier or better way of doing it.  I did show you a picture of my first flowers in my last post.. so I won't make you look at them again here.

I talked about using MTC (Make The Cut) and the conical wrap feature to create a template to wrap a different paper around my pails.  I showed you a before pictures of my pails last time, but here is another one of just one pail.  I took the handle off so I could cover it more easily.  This one doesn't look too garish, but I still wanted something a little different.

Here it is after I selected my paper and cut it out with my Silver Bullet die cutting machine (which by the way was rated #1 by Top Ten Review just a few weeks ago.. WAY TO GO SHERRI!!!)

The design I used started out as a vector graphic and I just saved it as a jpeg, so I could use it as a pattern in SCAL.  I love the way you can add patterns to a shape in SCAL, they make it so easy to resize the design, and make adjustmets to it, so you can get it exactly the way you want, before you print it out and realize that it isn't what you wanted.  You can also preview the pattern inside your shape, so you can see exactly what it is going to look like.  So here is the blue one with the flowers.

Here is another pail before I added my new wrap...
And here is is after... again this started out as a seamless vector background and I just opened it in Adobe Illustrator, and exported it as a JPEG to use in SCAL.

And here it is with flowers...

And here is my set of 5 complete with flowers.  The yellow one in front, is actually an orange pail.  I couldn't find any digital paper I liked with orange, but found a nice looking image in green, but didn't like the way the green looked on white paper on the orange pail, so I printed it out on yellow paper and it looked a lot better.  I have to remind myself that I don't HAVE to use white paper in my printer all the time... LOL.

I think I'm still going to add something to them.. maybe some ribbon tied in a bow to the handles, or a small ladybug (I have the die from Elizabeth Craft Designs and it is so cute.. I need to use them more often).

I hope you enjoyed seeing my project... would love to hear what you think about them.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to enjoy the journey!!!


  1. Those turned out so doubt they are super thrilled with cute....

  2. Lovely. What a nice little gift

  3. What a lovely "garden" of flowers! I love how it turned out, the colors are beautiful.

  4. Those are adorable, Diane! Well done, they look lifelike. :0)

  5. Wow...these are did a great job with these. I love them.