Monday, February 4, 2013

Love is in the Air

I was looking through my files, the other day, and decided I wanted to make some of the 3D letters from SVGCuts  I had purchased them when they first came out, and never made any of them, so decided it was about time I used them. Once I decided on the letters, I used SCAL to resize them to 4 inches tall.  I love the way SVGCuts makes their files so that it is easy to resize all the parts to the same size with out having to guess at it.
The letters I choose were L O V E and here is a picture of them.
 The O is a little "off" but they said that the letters with curves are the hardest ones to make. For me the hardest part of making the letters was deciding on embellishments for them.  I cut out some patterned paper for the flower on the O and used a heart shaped brad to  hold them together.  I got the idea for the heart on the L from the Art Glitter  blog. But I couldn't think of anything for the other two letters.  Over the weekend I was watching some videos on YouTube, and one was from The Gentleman Crafter.  I love his videos, he is so fun to watch when he is making things.  He cut out a heart from Chipboard, and then decorated it.  That got me to thinking, I can cut chipboard with my Silver Bullet Electronic Die cutter, so I grabbed a piece of chipboard and started cutting. I created the heart file from a basic shape and just altered it a bit in SCAL and made different sizes. I started out putting gesso on them then painted them. Once they were dry I used different mediums like Glass Bead Gel and Modeling Paste. The inspiration for those came from the Creative Jump Start videos. I even played around with mixing my own color after taking Julie Fei-Fan Blazers Getting Started class, and made purple for one of the hearts (on the E).  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the extra hearts, but I will hold on to them for future projects.

Here is a closer look at the individual letters and some of the left over hearts.
I added some glitter and white paint to this heart.

 I stacked two of the chipboard hearts together, the bottom one is painted, the top heart I put some Heavy Gel Medium on it to give it some texture.  Not sure it shows up well in the picture.
 On this heart, I used a line of Glossy Accents around the bottom heart, and filled the top heart with Glossy Accents, before gluing them together.
 Here are a few of the other hearts I was making to show some of the different ways I painted them. The smaller ones just have a base coat of red on them for now.  The pink heart on the right has some Glass Bead gel on it... I think it needs something more, but not sure what just yet.  I will probably wait until I am ready to use it for something before I do anything more to it.
On this heart I started with modeling paste and added some pink paint to it, before putting it on the heart.  Then I covered it with the Glass Bead gel. I wanted to try some of my spray inks, and the color I choose did NOT look good, so I covered it all up with paint.   You can still see the texture of the beads on the heart, but not as much as before I painted it.

 I will be making more of the 3D letters from SVGCuts in the future, and I can't wait until I have more time to play with more of the different mediums.

I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and I hope that you enjoy the journey.



  1. Your letters look great, Diane and I see some of the CJS2013 coming out in your work as well! LOL

  2. Awesome project, Diane! Love all of the different techniques you used on the hearts!

  3. These look WONDERFUL Diane....and I love how you decorated them!!!! SVG Cuts needs to use you as one of there Designers...cause you do a wonderful job with their files!!!!

  4. You did an amazing job...and the decorations are perfect