Friday, January 11, 2013

Are you just "Getting Started" ??

I have been participating in Creative Jump Start 2013 and checking out the blogs of all the wonderful and creative ladies that are doing videos.  The other day, I was looking around on Julie Fei-Fan Blazer's blog , and found some interesting classes she is offering this year. They are called Getting Started.  Each month, she is going to have an online class in Getting Started with different techniques or supplies for your art.  January's class is Getting started with Color Mixing.  Feburary's class is Getting Started with the Gelli Plate. and there is a different one each month.  Each class is $15, and you don't have to take the class each month.  However, if you sign up for all 12, she is offering them for $165 a $15 savings, so it's like getting one class for free.  You don't have to sign up for them in the month that they are offered, you can purchase a class at any time during the year.  You can check out her site for more information on her classes. 
Getting Started with Julie Fei-Fan Blazer

 If you have never taken a class from Julie, she packs all her videos full of ideas and inspiration. She also offers a free online class that shows you different ways to use stencils.  Stencil 101  I took that class last year, and she packs so much information into her videos, you need to watch them more than once to absorb it all.  And like all her other online classes, once you sign up for it, you have access to it for life, so you can go back and watch it when ever you need a bit of inspiration.

Her class on color mixing is going to be my first class.  I had decided to buy some good quality acrylic paints (as suggested by Nathalie in one of her Creative Jump Start videos) because Michaels, put their Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint (the same used by Nathalie in her video) on sale for 50% off for one day on Wednesday this week.  So I bought the 3 primary colors, plus White and Black.  I figured for just getting started, I should be able to mix any color I need with those basic colors. And I didn't want to spend a lot of money on colors I wasn't sure I would use.  Then the next day, I see Julie Fei-Fan Blazer's blog and the new classes for 2013.  Is that serendipitous or what?

So, if you are just Getting Started on your art journey, and need some guidance in how to use different supplies or techniques, you really should check out Julie Fei-Fan Blazers Getting Started classes. 

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